JAR Flag-off Ceremony (Day 7)

To commemorate the first day of the JAR program, the Rajasthan Foundation organized a morning Flag-off ceremony at the Hotel Khasa Kothi (in Jaipur) for the program participants. The six JAR program participants had an opportunity to get acquainted with each other over breakfast. All six of the JAR program participants (four from USA, two from Nepal) seemed excited and also a bit anxious about what the next ten days would bring. We were comforted to learn that the JAR-ites will be joined by a veteran Rajasthan tour guide (Hari) and an RF official (Ajit) for the entire ten day trip, and will have a chartered bus for our exclusive use.

At the flag-off ceremony, we also had an opportunity to meet with Rajasthan Foundation (RF) officials that were instrumental in setting up this program including: Vinod Ajmera (Acting Director), Rajeev Arora (Vice President), and Sourabh Taniwal (Executive Officer). The JAR-ites received some words of encouragement from the RF officials, snapped a few photos, and then were “flagged off” to commence our ten-day trip!

JAR in the Bhaskar Newspaper


Ankur News

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2 Responses to JAR Flag-off Ceremony (Day 7)

  1. Mahesh Sisodiya says:

    Nice!! All dressed-up!!
    For those of you who may be a little challenged in Hindi, let me make an attempt to tanslate this in English. (Bhaskar is a daily newspaper of Rajasthan)
    “Non-resident Indian Students will understand ancestor’s history from closer”
    Team/battalion starts on state tour under the programme “Know your Rajasthan”
    Jaipur: First team of non-resident indian students satrted on state tour on Wednesday. The team will explore and understand the culture of Rajasthan by visiting various places. Vice president of Rajasthan Foundation Rajeev Arora showed the green flag to tour bus from Khasa Kothi Jaipur to start the journey, Vinod Ajmera, the Acting Director of Rajasthan Foundation told that this team will travel from Dec. 19th thru Dec.28th to visit various placesof interest with the following itinerary:
    19th Dec. Pushkar (Ajmer), 20th, Bikaner, 21st Jaislemer, 22nd Jaislmer, Jodhpur, 23rd Jodhpur,Udaipur, 24th Udaipur, 25th Jaipur, 26th Alwar, 27th-28th Dec. Jaipur. The team members are Ritika Sharma and Rishabh Sharma from JacksonVille (USA), Ankur Sisodia of Washington (USA), Anirudh Choudhary of San Jose(USA), Garibha Agrawal of Kathmandu(Nepal) and Priyanka Jhalan of Jhapa (Nepal).

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