New Delhi: Overview (Days 1-6)

New Delhi is awesome!! If I choose to live in India in the future, New Delhi would be first or second on my list of places to live. It has all the amenities of a large, metropolitan city (e.g. nice movie theaters, global cuisine) and a diverse economy that includes a healthy expat population that serve across the sectors of business, media, non-profit, and international affairs. There is a place for every type of individual in this city, and I found it very manageable to get around this city via car/auto-rickshaw. It also helps that I have an amazing family here in New Delhi, who ensured that my first few days in India were extremely enjoyable!

I really found New Delhi’s cityscape to be quite fascinating. New Delhi’s town plan was designed to highlight the supremacy of the British ruling government in the early 1900s. Therefore, there is a strong British influence on the city architecture in addition to the influences from the Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim architecture.

Random fact: Delhi is a sister city of Chicago (my former city)!

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