Hello Honey Bunny!


Hello Honey Bunny – IDEA Cellular (Ad Campaign)

Hello Honey Bunny is the most happening and viral ad campaign in India at the moment. With a catchy jingle, Honey Bunny is intended to highlight the strength of Idea Cellular’s coverage across all the regions of India. If you watch the video (click image or link above), you’ll notice that Indians of all cultural backgrounds and regions can be seen humming to Honey Bunny. Idea Cellular has supported this campaign with a 360-effort, focusing on both traditional and social media delivery channels to reach an extremely wide audience.

Check it out, its pretty catchy. I take no responsibility if the song gets stuck in your head!

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One Response to Hello Honey Bunny!

  1. Shash says:

    please tell me where have they done a press ad for the campaign?

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