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Hello Honey Bunny!

Hello Honey Bunny – IDEA Cellular (Ad Campaign) Hello Honey Bunny is the most happening and viral ad campaign in India at the moment. With a catchy jingle, Honey Bunny is intended to highlight the strength of Idea Cellular’s coverage … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Udaipur! The best Christmas gift I received was from my cousin, who set me up with an unlimited mobile internet connection on my laptop… finally internet! I’ve been blogging offline since … Continue reading

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The Indian Railways System: It’s Huge!

Like clockwork orange, each time we have approached a railroad crossing there has almost always been a near-approaching train. After the JAR bus comes to a halt, I found myself always in awe of how developed the rail infrastructure seems to be. … Continue reading

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Fire Dance in Pushkar

              At some point during this fire dance, the woman’s hair was clearly on fire. Whether she was in the moment, or partaking in the local hippie culture (re: narcotics), is anyone’s guess. For … Continue reading

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Travel Tips: How to Handle Street Beggars

Dear Reader, Please take this following note with the spirit of which this post was intended. I recognize that poverty is very, very real in India (along with many parts of the world, including the USA). With that said, if … Continue reading

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Indian Humor at Café Coffee Day

Café Coffee Day, also known as CCD, is the most popular coffee shop in India. Similar to Starbucks in the United States, it is hard to walk more than a couple blocks in a metropolitan area without running into a CCD … Continue reading

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Playing Cards: A source of controversy?

On the first leg of my flight to India on Emirates Airlines (DC –> Dubai), I asked the flight attendant for a pack of playing cards. Much to my surprise, the flight attendant first demanded proof that my final destination … Continue reading

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